Contributing to AuV2

If you wish to contribute to AuV2, doing so is quick and easy. Simply use the donation button below, and add a note of who the donation is from.

This is also the beginning of the AuV2 store, where your contribution buys you some sweet bonuses with AuV2. Just include a note with your donation for it to work. Also, donations are checked every few days. If you're impatient, that's okay, just tell Jason and he'll sort it out as soon as I can.

Donator Tag: $5
Gets you the donator tag on the Teamspeak, and AuV2 website. Any donations over $5 qualify for this, and can still be spent on other things.
Permanent Teamspeak Room: $50
For as long as the Teamspeak channel remains active, you will have a private room, named in your honor. Check Recurring Donations for a more economical choice, if that's a problem.
Minecraft Diamonds

Recurring Donations
These are for Automated donations, the system automatically donates for you every month.

Temporary Teamspeak Room: $10
for Each month that your donation is received, you will keep your Teamspeak room. After 5 months ( when $50 is reached ) the room will become permanent.
Premium status on AuV2 Minecraft server: TBA
For all bonuses related to Premium status on the AuV2 Minecraft server
dom syrrag (code3T)