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AuV2 Disciplinary Policy Empty AuV2 Disciplinary Policy

Post by Oronar on Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:09 pm

Every member should be shown equal respect whether they be new members, senior members, or staff. Everybody ( besides Draaaven ) is equal.
Anyone found not respecting the authority of staff members will be punished in means deemed fit to the situation by either HR manager (AaronKiwi) or AuV2 OronarAu, Jason and/or Gozzy.
Those found breaking the rules of the community will be warned a total of 3 times after which they will be removed from permenatly. The first warning will be a 2 day ban, the second being 1 week and the 3rd being permanent. AuV2 staff reserve the right to hand down a more severe punishment, if deemed necessary
Any serious incidents will be taken under close consideration, further action may be taken beyond the AuV2 guidelines
Any concerns should be immediately reported to AuV2 AaronKiwi, OronarAu, Jason or Gozzy.
AuV2 users hold the rights to appeal to any and all punishments received but while all appeals will be reviewed by members of staff unrelated to the original punishment, though the staff member involved will be present with the applicant, not all appeals will be accepted for further review.

League of Legends and AuV2 Chat room:

In AuV2 Chat, all individual users are responsible for their own behavior. We won’t directly punish anyone for anything here, however we will report anything that breaks the summoners code to riot support. Treat those how you would like to be treated.
Those found tarnishing the AuV2 tag with photo or video evidence will be reported to riot for a summoner name change to prevent further destruction of the AuV2 reputation.
While there is nothing we can do about other players “slandering” the AuV2 community, we can prevent disagreements by simply leaving the public chat rooms or using the ignore list, as well as giving the league of legends community a reason to change their view of AuV2 by showing a positive persona whilst wearing the name tag.

Minecraft Server:
No modded clients or x-ray resource packs
Houses, a 10m radius and all things inside are off limits.
No killing people who own the house.
If you invite someone to your house, you may not kill them.
All items dropped in PvP outside of the off limits areas is fair game and cannot be reclaimed once picked up.
If you try to kill someone and run inside your house they may follow to kill you. if no combat has gone on for 30 seconds they must leave, but you may not re-engage

Anyone found breaching the guidelines set out for teamspeak on will be punished in the following manner:
disputes between users will be dealt with by having both parties separated and interviewed by the staff member who was made aware of the situation once both sides have been heard said staff member will then assess the situation then either deal out a warning group or send the case to HR or higher management to deal with.
Issues between staff members must be brought to the attention of HR to be dealt with in a mean they feel suits the situation.
In serious cases where it seems that the situation can not be handled due to non cooperation by staff or higher management AuV2 reserve the right to IP ban the person(s) in question.

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