Revision of Staff rankings at AuV2

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Revision of Staff rankings at AuV2 Empty Revision of Staff rankings at AuV2

Post by Jason on Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:17 pm

Now, usually these sorts of things are kept secret, but I prefer honesty and transparency, even if that affects us negatively for a while.

AuV2 is currently having a lot of issues with administration staff not getting along. There is a very long story to this, that I am still piecing together.

I am currently removing ALL staff from positions of power, to be re evaluated for their positions.

An administration team that works well together makes everything better. However, when people begin banning fellow admins, there's clearly something wrong.

AuV2 will run slowly and surely, as usual, while a lot of stuff that's going on behind the scenes has slowed down as an affect of the disarray.

You guys are pretty awesome, and deserve a great Administration team. I'll to my best to make sure you get great, reliable, nice, smart and honest people.

Stay cool, guys.


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